A Surprising Potential Swing Vote: Pro-Democracy Republicans

By David Eichenthal | July 19, 2021

I ultimately decided against running for Congress in a red district. But my research found a way for Democrats to make inroads in such places.

Political pundits seem united in their belief that Democrats will struggle to hold the House of Representatives in 2022. 

The historical precedent that the party out of power in the White House always gains in the midterms and the likely impact of partisan and racial gerrymandering has fostered a consensus that Democrats will lose seats.

They’re wrong. Democrats have the opportunity to widen the playing field in 2022 with the right candidates, a message focused on economic growth and—a surprise to some—a clear pro-democracy appeal designed to woo the one-quarter to one-third of Trump voters who are Liz Cheney Republicans.

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